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Selected Bibliography of Royal Marine Titles

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Ambler, John The Royal Marines Band Service RMHS: 2003
Armstrong, William Henry. A few plain and plausible hints on the formation of a Royal Marine
rifle legion.
London: William Clowes and Sons, 1835.
Aston, George Grey, Sir. Memories of a marine, an amphibiography,
by Major-General Sir George Aston.
London, J. Murray, 1919.
Bassett, Samuel John Woodruff. Royal Marine:
the autobiography of Colonel Sam Bassett.
With a foreword by HRH Prince Philip.
London, P. Davies, 1962.
Beadle, Jeffrey C. Light Blue Lanyard:
Fifty Years with 40 Commando Royal Marines.
Square One Publications, 1992.
Beaver, Paul. Encyclopedia of the Modern Royal Navy:
including the Fleet Air Arm & Royal Marines.
Wellingborough: Stephens, 1987.
Beaver, Paul. Today’s Royal Marines.
Wellingborough: Stephens, 1988.
Bijl, Nicholas van der. The Royal Marines, 1939-93.
London: Osprey, 1994.
Bittner, Donald F.
Blumberg, Herbert Edward, Sir. Britain’s Sea Soldiers.
A record of the Royal marines during the war 1914-1919.
Devonport, Swiss & Co., 1927.
Boaz, Thomas. “For the glory of the marines!”:
the organization, training, uniforms, and combat role of the British marines during the American
Devon, Pa.: Dockyard Press, 1993.
Brice, Martin Hubert. Royal Navy Handbook.
London: Ian Allan, 1985.
Brooks, Richard The Royal Marines 1664 to the present
Constable: London 2002
Bruckshaw, Horace. The diaries of Private Horace Bruckshaw, 1915-1916. edited and
introduced by Martin Middlebrook.
Hamden, Conn.: Archon Books, 1980.
Burn, Andrew. The life of Major General Andrew Burn, of the Royal Marines.
Philadelphia Presbyterian Board of Publication
Bowen, Frank Charles. The King’s Navy.
London: Methuen, 1925.
Burn, Andrew. Memoirs of the life of the late Major-General Andrew Burn, of the Royal Marines:
collected from his journals with copious extracts from his principal works on religious subjects.
London: W. Winchester, 1815.
Campbell, Archibald Bruce. Customs and Traditions of the Royal Navy, with chapters on the
Royal Marines, the Women’s Royal Naval Service, naval decorations and medals. With a
foreword by Lord Chatfield. Aldershot, Gale & Polden, 1956.
Campbell, Bert. Marine Badges & Insignia of the World:
including marines, commandos, and naval infantrymen.
Poole, Dorset: Blandford Press;
New York, N.Y.: Sterling Pub., 1983.
Cannon, Richard. Historical record of the Marine Corps:
containing an account of their formation and services from 1664 to 1748: at which period those
corps ceased to form part of the establishment of the regular army: from the year 1755 the
present corps of Royal Marines have been under the control of the Lord’s Commissioners of the
Admiralty. 1824.
Carr, Roy. Up the Falklands!:
cartoons from the Royal Marines.
Poole, Dorset: Blandford Press, 1982.
Clark, Ralph. The journal and letters of Lt. Ralph Clark, 1787-1792 edited by Paul G. Fidlon and
R.J. Ryan.
Sydney: Australian Documents Library in association with the Library of Australian History, 1981.
Corbett, Julian Stafford, Sir. The campaign of Trafalgar.
New York: Longmans, Green, 1910.
Crockett, Anthony. Green beret, red star.
With a foreword by Sir John Harding.
London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1954.
Day, John. A plain russet-coated Captain.
Dorking: Day, 1993.
Dear, Ian. Marines at war.
London: I. Allan, 1982.
Edye, Lourenðco. The historical records of the Royal Marines. Compiled and edited by L. Edye.
Vol. 1, 1664-1701. London, Harrison, 1893.
Ellis, SSamuel Burdon, Sir. Memoirs and services of the late
Lieutenant-General Sir S.B. Ellis,
from his own memoranda.
edited by Lady Ellis.
London: Saunders, Otley & Co., 1866.
Eggar, Robin. Commando:
survival of the fittest.
London: John Murray, 1994.
Evans, Andy. The royal marines in the ‘90s.
London: Windrow & Greene, 1997.
Field, Cyril. Britain’s sea-soldiers; a history of the Royal Marines and their predecessors and of
their services in action, ashore and afloat, and upon sundry other occasions of moment.
Foreword by Admiral of the fleet, Earl Beatty.
Liverpool: The Lyceum Press, 1924.
Ford, Ken D-Day Commando (48 RM Commando)
Sutton: 2003
Forfar, John From Omaha To The Scheldt (47 RM Commando)
Tuckwell Press: 2001
Foster, Nigel. The Making of a Royal Marine Commando.
London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1993.
Fowler, Will. The Royal Marines 1956-84.
London: Osprey, 1984.
Fraser, Edward. The Royal Marine Artillery, 1804-1923.
London, The Royal United Service Institution, 1930.
Gillespie, Alexander, Major. An historical review of the Royal Marine Corps:
from its original institution down to the present era, 1803.
Printed and sold by M. Swinney, 1803.
Grover, George Walter Montague. A Short History of the Royal Marines.
Aldershot, England: Gale & Polden, 1959.
Hampshire, Arthur Cecil. The Royal Marines, 1664-1964.
England, 1964.
Hogan, Thomas R. No Shells, No Attack!:
the use of fire support by 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines during the 1982 Falkland Islands
Carlisle Barracks, PA: U.S. Army War College, 1989.
Jenkins, William G. Commando Subaltern at War:
Royal Marine operations in Yugoslavia and Italy, 1944-1945.
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA: Stackpole Books, 1996.
Johnson, P. K. W. The Story of 46 Commando Royal Marines.
Aldershot: Gale & Polden, 1946.
Jolly, Rick. The Red and Green Life Machine:
a diary of the Falklands field hospital.
London: Corgi, 1984.
Kreckler, John F. The Story of Victoria Barracks:
from Sydney Cove to Paddington Hill.
Paddington, NSW: Army Museum Society, 1995.
Ladd, James. By Sea, by Land:
the authorised history of the Royal Marines Commandos.
London: Collins, 1999.
Ladd, James D. Inside the Commandos:
a pictorial history from World War Two to the present.
Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1984.
Ladd, James D. The Royal Marines, 1919-1980:
an authorised history.
New York: Jane’s, 1980.
Lane, Andrew. The Royal Marines Barracks, Deal: a pictorial history.
Tiverton: Halsgrove in association with The Royal Marines Museum, 2000.
Lane, Andrew. The Royal Marines Barracks, Eastney: a pictorial history.
Tiverton: Halsgrove in association with The Royal Marines Museum, 1998.
Leasor, James. The Marine from Mandalay.
London: Leo Cooper, 1988.
Little, Matthew Grant The Royal Marines Museum: The Story of Britain’s Sea Soldiers
RM Museum:1989
Little, Matthew Grant The Royal Marines & The Victoria Cross
RM Museum: 2002
Lockhart, Robert Hamilton Bruce, Sir. The Marines were There; the story of the Royal Marines in
the Second World War. London, Putnam, 1950.
Mackenzie, Robert Holden The Trafalgar roll; containing the names and services of all officers of
the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines who participated in the Glorious Victory of the 21st October
1805, together with a history of the ships engaged in the battle. London, G. Allen, 1913. London,
Cornmarket P., 1969.
Mackenzie, Robert Holden. The Trafalgar roll:
the ships and the officers.
Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1989.
Mackenzie, Tony. 44 (R.M.) Commando:
Achnacarry to the Arakan: a diary of the Commando at war, August 1943 to March 1947.
Brighton, East Sussex: T. Donovan Pub., 1996.
Marini, Alfred J. The British Corps of Marines, 1746-1771 and the United States Marine Corps,
a comparative study of the early administration and institutionalization of two modern marine
Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Maine at Orono, 1979
Marsh, Major Alan Flying Marines (RM fixed wing Aviators 1903 - ) Privately Published 1980
Massie, Joseph. A proposal for making a saving to the public of many thousand pounds a year in
the charge of maintaining His Majesty’s marine forces microform : and for the better regulation of
them: to which is annexed, eight half-sheet tables ... most humbly submitted to the consideration
of the Parliament of Great Britain / by J. Massie. London :
Printed for T. Payne, 1758.
McConville, Michael. Nothing Much to Lose:
the story of 2nd Batallion Royal Marines and 43 Commando Royal Marines.
43rd Royal Marines Commando Reunion, 1992.
McManners, Hugh. Commando:
winning the Green Beret.
London: Network Books, 1994.
Mee, Patrick. Marine Gunner.
London: J. Cape, 1935.
Mitchell, Raymond. Marine Commando:
Sicily and Salerno, 1943 with 41 Royal Marines Commando.
London: R. Hale, 1988.
Mitchell, Raymond. They Did what was asked of Them:
41 (Royal Marines) Commando 1942-1946.
Poole: Firebird, 1996.
Moffatt, Jonathan. Moon over Malaya:
a tale of Argylls and Marines.
Coombe, 1999.
Money-Coutts, Francis Burdett. The Royal Marines.
London, 1915.
Moore, John. The First Fleet Marines, 1786-1792.
University of Queensland Press, 1987.
Moulton, James Louis. Haste to the Battle:
a Marine Commando at war (48 Cdo. RM)
London: Cassell, 1963.
Moulton, James Louis. The Royal Marines.
London: Sphere Books, 1973.
Naylor, Bill. Lancashire Leatherneck.
Swinton, Manchester: N. Richardson, 1985.
Neillands, Rob. By Sea and Land:
the Royal Marines commandos; a history, 1942-1982.
London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1987.
Newark, George. Uniforms of the Royal Marines:
from 1664 to the present day.
Romford: The Pompadour Gallery, 1997.
Parsons, Edward. Once a Marine, Always a Marine.
Auckland, N.Z.: E. Parsons Books, 1983.
Partridge, Richard Thomas. Operation Skua.
Yeovilton: Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum, 1983.
Poyntz, W. H. Per Mare Per Terram:
reminiscences of thirty-two years’ military, naval, and constabulary service.
London: Economic Printing & Pub. Co., 1892.
Pringle, Patrick. Fighting Marines.
London: Evans, 1966
Rose, Markham. The Story of the Royal Marines:
lectures for recruits.
Rowland-Entwistle, Theodore. The Royal Marines.
Hove: Wayland, 1987.
Samain, Bryan. Commando Men:
the story of a Royal Marine Commando in north-west Europe.
London: White Lion Publishers, 1976.
Smith, Peter Charles. The Royal Marines:
a pictorial history, 1664-1987.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Spellmount, 1988.
Smith, Peter Charles. Per Mare Per Terram:
a history of the Royal Marines.
St. Ives, Hunts.: Photo Precision, 1974.
Southby-Tailyour, Ewen. Reasons in Writing:
a commando’s view of the Falklands war.
New York: BCA, 1993.
Stokoe, Edward George. Lower the Ramps:
experiences with the 43rd Royal Marine Commando in Yugoslavia.
Bath: Chivers, 1988.
Tatton Brown, John. Journal kept by John Tatton Brown: lieutenant, Royal Marines.
Seaton: Peter Tatton-Brown.
Thomas, Garth. Records of the Royal Marines.
London: Public Record Office, 1994.
Thompson, Julian. History of the Royal Marines.
London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 2000.
Thompson, Julian. No picnic: 3 Commando Brigade in the South Atlantic, 1982.
London: L. Cooper in association with Secker & Warburg, 1985.
Vaux, Nick. March to the South Atlantic:
42 Commando, Royal Marines in the Falklands War.
London: Buchan & Enright, 1986.
Vaux, Nick. Take that hill!:
Royal Marines in the Falklands War.
Washington : Pergamon-Brassey’s International Defense Publishers, 1986.
Wall, Patrick Henry Bligh. The Royal Marine Pocket Book.
Aldershot, England: Gale & Polden limited, 1945.
Wallis, John. With God’s Blessing and a Green Beret:
a pilgrimage.
Poole: Firebird, 1994.
Walton, Peter S. Simkin’s Soldiers: the British army in 1890.
Dorking, Surrey: Victorian Military Society, 1981
(v. 1. Cavalry and Royal Artillery with a special section on the Royal Marines.)
Wise, Daniel. The Devout Soldier:
a memoir of Major General Burn, of the Royal marines. Lane & Tippett, for the Sunday-school
union of the Methodist Episcopal church, 1847.
Young, David. Four Five, the Story of 45 Commando, Royal Marines, 1943-1971.
London, Cooper, 1972
Young, John Robert. The Royal Marines: a documentary.
New York: Guild Pub., 1991.
Attain by surprise: the story of 30 Assault Unit Royal Navy/Royal Marine Commando and of
intelligence by capture. edited by David Nutting, Jim Glanville.
Chichester : D. Colver, 1997.
Badges and their meaning:
a companion to “Rank at a glance” : Army & Navy, the R.N.A.S., R.N.D., R.N.R., R.N.V.R., the
Royal Marines, Forces of the Overseas Dominions, British Red Cross Society, miscellaneous
badges, etc., etc., with descriptive notes.
London: G. Philip & Son, 1916.
The Marines.
Ashley Brown, editor
Harrisburg, PA: National Historical Society, 1989.
Royal Marines. The Royal Marines:
a record of the tour of duty in London from 17th August to 19th September, 1935.
Aldershot, printed by Gale & Polden, 1935.
The Royal Marines.
London, Pitkin, 1971.
Tell it to the Marines: a Royal Marines ragbag.
edited by Michael McConville.
sponsored by the 1664 club.
Bath, England: Chivers, 1997.
3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines:
an insight into operational capability.
Devon: Published by David Reynolds Associates for the Ministry of Defence, 1996.
Adshead, Robin, “Royal Marines Assault Squadron,” Armed Forces 6 (April 1987): 181-182:
(August 1987): 377-379.
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The Journal of Military History. v. 59, n.1, (January 1, 1995): 27-EOA.
Bittner, Donald. “Britannia’s Sheathed Sword: The Royal Marines and Amphibious Warfare in the
Interwar Years-A Passive Response.” The Journal of Military History. v. 55, n. 3, (July 1, 1991):
Dodd, Norman, “British Special Forces,” Asian Defence Journal no. 10 (October 1986): 33-34, 36.
(Royal Marines Commandos).
Dodd, Norman, “’The Commandos’ - - Her Majesty’s Royal Marines,” Asian Defence Journal no. 8
(August 1981): 40-44.
Dodd, Norman, “Her Majesty’s Royal Marines: a report,” Marine Corps Gazette 55 (October
1971): 34-38.
Katz, Samuel M, “Becoming an operator (in the Royal Marines’ Special Boat Service),” U.S.
Naval Institute Proceedings. 120 (March 1994): 83-87.
Kemp, Ian. “New ships, helicopters and weapons are increasing the capabilities of the UK’s Royal
Jane’s Defence Weekly. v. 27, no. 25, (June 25, 1997): 21-23.
Marriott, John, “45 Commando Royal Marines - - Britain’s Arctic Warfare Unit assigned to NATO,”
NATO’s Fifteen Nations 19 (June-July 1974): 30-35+.
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Armed Forces Journal International. v. 131, n.7, (February 1, 1994): 35-.
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Reece, Michael, “The Royal Marines since World War II,” U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings108
(March 1982): 90-91.
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General of the United Kingdom’s Royal Marines.” Armed Forces Journal International. v. 130, n.
1, (August 1, 1992): 45-.
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Wells, Mike, “Training Young Officers of the Royal Marines,” Marine Corps Gazette 81 (April
1997): 56-61.
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1965): 64-70.
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“The Royal Marines,” Armed Forces Journal International 110 (May 1973): 39.
“The Royal Marines Special Boat Service,” International Defence Review no.4 (1969): 365-367.
“Special Boat Section, Royal Marines,” Marine Corps Gazette 39 (December 1955): 48-52.

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