College and further education


Dressing Up

This session is ideal for groups who want a less subject specific visit. From Trafalgar to Afghanistan, we take a trip through 200 years of British history as seen through the eyes of Royal Marines. We put several members of the group into historic Royal Marines uniforms and kit as we demonstrate what it was like to use. Suitable for all ages with content tailored to suit each group.


Suitable for between 8-24 students. This session is designed for Music students. In conjunction with the Royal Marines Band Service this session takes students on a journey through training and on to a virtual rehearsal and performance with the Royal Marines School of Music Band. This state of the art lesson uses iPads to give students a unique experience where they gain knowledge and information through interaction rather than presentation.

Field Gun

This session recreates the Royal Naval Field Gun Challenge. The group will run the Gun and its kit over, under and across obstacles, becoming a well-oiled Field Gun team. This session focuses on building team work, communication as well as physical fitness.


Physical Fitness is a key attribute for Royal Marines. This physical session takes your group through a Royal Marines style fitness session, culminating in taking on our Assault Course. The difficulty is tailored to the ability of the group, with an emphasis on success and overcoming the challenge.

We are also happy to work in consultation with teachers to tailor sessions to meet teacher's needs. For example we have run sessions on science, citizenship and other topics. Please get in touch to discuss this option further.