Our current projects:

The Short History

Since 2002 we have worked with the Museum, CTCRM and the Learning and Skills Council to produce a Short History of the Corps that is given to each new recruit and young officer. The Short history is now in its third edition – and available to buy online from the Museum Shop.

Graves and Memorials

After creating registers of the Corps’ dead from both World wars we embarked on a project to record and photograph RM graves and memorials around the globe. Over the past three years we have digitalised our collection of 2500 images and are now considering ways to allow public access to this ongoing project.

Oral History

We have provided equipment and training for Oral History interviewers in support of a joint project between ourselves and the Royal Marines Association. The interviews are deposited with the RM Museum who share them with the Imperial War Museum to provide public access and permanent conservation.

Globe and Laurel Index

Members of the Society are working on an index to the Corps journal, the Globe and Laurel. This is an invaluable source of Corps history, however, it has never been indexed and searches can take many hours. We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist in the digitalisation of the first 60 volumes of the magazine.

Sea Britain Exhibition

In 2005 members of the Society worked with the National Trust to mount an exhibition of the paintings of Captain James Cottell, RM. A veteran of Trafalgar, Cottell made over 140 watercolour drawings that chronicle his 40 years service.

Future Projects and Research

The RMHS is committed to rewriting the Short History on a three year cycle. Oral History and Graves and Memorials are ongoing projects.

We are working with the RM Museum on a book on the history of RM insignia from 1755 to the present day. This has included funding to catalogue part of the Museum’s insignia collection, photography and primary research in the Museum’s archives, the National Archives, at the Naval Historical Branch and the collections of many private members.


Two major research projects are underway – The Indexing of the Globe and Laurel continues and members of the Society are working on a roll of Marine Officers from 1664 to 1783.