A new Royal Marines Museum

Help us reach our new funding goal of £5 million to fund the new Royal Marines Museum

Transforming naval heritage
The stories of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines are the history of our nation. The SeaMore project will create the country's newest national collection at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Your access to the Royal Marines heritage will be transformed as key historic artefacts from five museums across the National Museum will be brought together in an exciting, innovative Centre for Discovery.

As a key part of the project the Royal Marines Museum will be relocated to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, broadening the massive appeal of the Royal Marines story to visitors at the heart of naval heritage.

A new story to tell
By opening the new museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which brings in almost 1 million visitors per year, the new Royal Marines Museum will open up the story of the Corps to a much wider audience.

The new museum will occupy an impressive Georgian Boathouse building which will be completely refurbished to include modern, dynamic galleris and interactive displays. The museum will present the story of the Corps, its contribution to the nation and how over 350 years of history has led to what it is today.

Personal stories of duty, loyalty and sacrifice will bring visitors closer to the unique operations and ethos of the Royal Marines and for the first time their remarkable story will be told in a way appropriate to its national scale and significance. A much wider audience will experience this story, set alongside and in the context of the Royal Navy.

Help us reach our funding goal
As part of The National Museum of the Royal Navy, the new Royal Marines Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard requires your help. We’re working hard with our partners however we still need you. Every share, like and pound helps us reach our goal. 


For more information on donating or supporting in other ways, email fundraising@nmrn.org.uk